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Work in Progress | 60in x 60in x 2.5in | Stone

Work in Progress | 60in x 60in x 2.5in | Stone

Constructed from 20 layers of 1⁄8” thick stone it will measure 2.5” deep and around 60” square when it is built. Given the large size, a highly detailed 3 dimensional view of the city could be realized. Omitting a backlight would allow for a minimal framing treatment, sleeker profile and lower production costs than the first version. Weight is estimated at roughly 400lbs. The piece will require an industrial wall (poured or reinforced) and double french cleat system for secure installation. The completed work will be donated to the City of Chicago and installed in a publicly accessible area.


As of this writing the design template is complete and production of a computer model has begun. This model will reveal the exact weight and amount of material needed. The project size of 60” x 60” x 2.5” may be changed based on location.

Location of the piece has yet to be determined. Key factors include aesthetic fit, structural fit and public accessibility.

Challenges to production:

  • cost of stone fabrication at scale for a lobby centerpiece

  • identifying & securing a location for the work

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